Our Services

This is where Diamond Trucking’s core business was built, we know delivering a quality finished product for wholesale or retail sites is what our customers need most! By providing the “Diamond crew” with some of the best equipment industry has to offer, we can help our customers maintain or build upon their reputation. If you are a small jobber or an international corporation we might just have what you need, exceptional and dependable transportation.






If you are a small station or an international corporation operating in the Southwest, Diamond Trucking has what you need - exceptional and dependable transportation and service. We provide Terminal to Station as well as Terminal to Terminal solutions to our customers in Arizona & New Mexico, as well as parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Colorado.

We even help out with disaster recovery, such as pumping fuel out of disabled transports, and providing fuel delivery in the wake of natural disasters in the southern states.

Diamond Trucking provides a variety of Renewable Fuel delivery services to the southwest region. With the growing demand of Renewable sources of fuels in the last few years and the lack of rail access within the blending terminals, we provide rail car to terminal transfer services as well as Tank to Tank or Tank to Retail.

Diamond Trucking provides bulk propane delivery and terminal transfers for regional propane suppliers and bulk users such as hospitals and schools across the southwest.

Diamond Trucking Specializes in Trans-Loading from Truck to Rail, Rail to Truck, Truck to Truck, Tank to Truck, Truck to Tank etc., by using their own Customized Trans-Loader.

Diamond Trucking can provide fuel inventory services for it's customers. Using inventory management software and automated reading importers, we are able to forecast sales (even over holiday peak usage) to keep our customers' fuel inventory at a preferred volume and schedule deliveries with minimal involvement from our customers, saving them time and resources. If this is a service that would work well with your business give us a call and get more details.